Inkbunny Downloader Browser Add-On

Hey. This is a patch for the Inkbunny Downloader released by Humbird0 a while back. This update may be used independently of their version, and uses a different title and ID, so that should Humbird0 return to update the addon, my updates do not interfere with their ability to push out updates.
This patches the downloader to work with the new update to Inkbunny (which still hasn't received a proper changelog), and uses settings separate from the existing addon.

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Special Notes:

Now, I'm not a developer, and I certainly would not say I'm competent enough to rewrite the entire add-on to use the new Web Extensions API (which would then make the add-on available and functional to those using mainline Firefox without workarounds). For those using Waterfox, Pale Moon, and the many other divergences from mainline, this add-on update is mainly for you, though we welcome our Firefox brethren with open .conf files.

What's new in this version?
SEAMONKEY SUPPORT. Yes. I added support for the nearly forgotten all in one web browser, mail and news suite, because THAT browser still supports the add-on as long as the install file says it can install. Much love.

What's new in the previous version?
Found an edge case provided by @Lloxie: Inkbunny will still honor direct links to submissions using the old, ugly format. We weren't looking for the old URLs, which causes the scripts to never fire. This has been addressed.

Download is available:

Version (I am Toot!)

It's been my pleasure to make this available to you.

With all my heart,